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At Gilbuc Adventures, we’re committed to the joys and freedom of motorhoming. We want to create the perfect opportunity for others to share and enjoy our passion, even if they don’t have the opportunity of ownership.

We’ve invested in some of the best motorhomes on the market. They’re comfortable and luxurious as well as being practical and easy to drive. What’s more, they’re all new 2023 models, so you get to enjoy the optimum motorhome experience!

Come and experience our enthusiasm for spending time on the open road. We understand, we’ve been enjoying the freedoms for many years. We know what’s needed, what works and what’s fun, and we’ve used our knowledge to design the very best experience for you.

You might already know exactly where you want to tour, or you may want some informed advice on routes, mileage, how long things really take, what you can expect – talk to us. If we don’t know, we’ll find out for you!

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Anything you’d like to know about the details of a motorhome holiday and how it could work for you?

Just drop us an email with your phone number and one of our team will give you a call. Looking forward to chatting!